Free Graphic Organizers

The following free graphic organizers are all used for cause and effect analysis. Please click on the type of graphicorganizers you would like to see:

  • Fishbone
  • Wheel
  • Chain/Process
  • Spokes

This page has been set up to give you and example of how to use the graphic organizer. To download the free graphic organizer simply click on the example.

Type: Fish Bone Graphic Organizer
Use: Cause and Effect

I wanted to show you two examples of this particular organizer because you can lay it out in different ways. I prefer this way because it is easier for me to read, but then it isn't really a true "fish bone" organizer. I've drawn the fish shape around it in this example and the one just below so you can see why it is called a fish's in the shape a fish, cute, right?

Type: Fish Bone Graphic Organizer, Example 2
Use: Cause and Effect

This is the way that fish bone organizers are typically drawn. Too messy for me, but a lot of people like to use it this way. Now it really looks like a fish skeleton.

Type: Wheel Graphic Organizer
Use: Cause and Effect

Type: Cause/Process Graphic Organizer

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Graphic Organizers
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