Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers help you organize information in a way that is meaningful and helps you to think in more depth about the subject. Here is an example:

I'm sure you will agree that it is much easier to understand the similarities and differences between WWI and WWII when you are looking at it in a graphic format such as this venn diagram.

why use graphic organizers?

Simply put, organizers empower you to learn:

  • Faster
  • Better
  • More easily

I don't know about you, but that's enough to get me interested! Especially learning more easily :-)

Want More of An Explanation?

Graphic organizers:

  • Present the information in a way that is easier to remember because they pull out the most important information.
  • Increase strategic learning skills because you learn to recognize thinking patterns. Using organizers will typically help you to improve in other areas such as critical thinking, reading and writing.
  • More in depth study of the subject can be achieved because your thought processing of the main points of a subject will not be as difficult. That leaves time and energy for deeper thinking.
  • Graphic organizers are empowering because they help you understand key concepts by drilling down to the core points and ideas of the subject.

Because of the visual spatial elements of graphic organizers, you do not have to use as much thought other words, more learning, less brain power! Or as I like to think of it, it uses up less of your battery.

So if we are talking about your child imagine this. Your child wakes up everyday with a full battery (hopefully!!) Thought processing takes up a lot of that battery, especially if children are made to learn things in a way that is not their personal learning style. For more about learning styles you should check out my article on Right Brain Left Brain. So if organizers make learning easier then your child is left with more or their battery for the rest of the day. Make sense?

Organizer vs Outline

Let me give you an example so you can see how much easier it is to relate to information that is graphically presented as opposed to information that is in a "line item" or outline format.

Here's the venn diagram again, now compare the diagram to the following to the outline format below. Which is easier to remember?:

Comparison of WWI and WWII


  • Allies: Gr. Britain, Russia, france, USA
  • Adversary: Germany
  • Defeated: Germany



  • Ally: Italy
  • Germany's Partners: Austria-Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria
  • 14 million deaths


  • Germany's Partners: Japan, Italy
  • 55 million deaths
  • World power shifts to USSR and USA
  • Greater impact on world politics

You must admit, the visual representation of this information as opposed to the "line item" method is MUCH more interesting to look at and so much easier to remember!

how to use graphic organizers?

You can use organizers in all subject areas for:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing
  • Studying
  • Problem solving
  • Decision Making
  • Research
  • Brainstorming

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