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At Study Skills For All Ages we understand what a struggle math can be. We also understand that math will not just go away. We have to do it whether we are in school or in the working world. So our goal is to supply you with as much information as possible to give you the math help you need whether it is elementary, middle school or high school math.

This section of the website will be constantly growing. We will adding solid, helpful information for math help all the time. Whatever we find that is helpful such as other sites, books, games, tutoring, etc., we will let you know about it.

The rest of this article talks about the importance of understanding your learning style and how that will determine how you will best learn math. However, if you want to get right to some details direct math help you can go to any of these articles:

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what's your learning style?

In my opinion success in math has a lot to do with understanding your learning style. Math will be a totally different experience for right brain people than for left brain people.

Here is an example of what I mean. A friend of mine, Judy, has a 10-year-old son who was really struggling to learn his math facts. This was very puzzling to her because her older son is pretty much a math whiz so she was floundering trying to help the younger son learn his facts. We both went to a seminar on right brain children and learned how these kids need pictures, color and humor to learn. Judy bought some visual multiplication cards hoping that this would help her son. Well, let me tell you, he sat down and had his multiplication facts memorized on 15 minutes!! Is that not incredible?

Here is an example of a visual multiplication card:

As you can see, all he needed was to have the information presented to him in a way that he could relate to. So, if you or your child struggles with math, be sure to check out my right brain left brain article because right brainers need to have information given to them totally different than left brainers.

If you discover that your child is a right brain thinker, you have unlocked the key to math help. You will not believe how easily they will pick up math once you start using pictures, color and humor.

additional math tips for parents

I want to encourage you to really find what works for your child. If this is the only point I get across to people out of this whole web site, it's that you must find what works for your child and then use that method.

With that in mind here is a list of tips and tricks:

  • Learn math facts or skip counting to music. Make up songs or find CDs of math songs.
  • Have your child bounce a ball or jump rope to math facts, ie., say: 2 (while bouncing) + 2 (while bouncing) = 4 (while bouncing)
  • Use games, ie., Presto Change-O is all about making change, Sum Swamp for addition and subtraction, Math Shark is an electronic game for math facts.
  • Practice counting backwards with your child because this will help with subtraction.
  • Start a coin collection with your child. This is a great way to get them to know how to identify coins.
  • Take your child grocery shopping with you and have them add up the items as they are being put into the card. Practice rounding up or down.
  • Cooking is a great way to learn about fractions, mulitplying and dividing.
  • Work on developing concentration skills: For younger children do can, play the memory game, do lacing cards, bead stringing, puzzles that are age appropriate.
  • For older kids have them, build with legos, help with cooking, read chapter books, learn knitting/crocheting.
  • When you are driving, call out math facts for your child to answer.
  • While standing in line, pull out some coins and have do some addition with the coins.
  • Make sure you have a clock with hands in your home, not only digital :-)

I hope the above ideas will get the creative juices flowing for you. There really is not end to the ways you can find to help your child with their math skills.

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