Multiplication For Right Brain Kids, How Do I Know If My Child Is A Right Brain Learner?

You definitely look into more into multiplication for right brain kids if your child is struggling in math. You may also want to find out if they are a right brain learner. This article will cover how you can help your child with multiplication if they are right brain or visual learners. However, if you would like more general information about right brain learners, click here.

You may be wondering how to know if your child is a visual learner. Here is a simple test that will tell you how visual your child is and this is the same test I did with my kids.

Here is what you should do to help teach multiplication for right brain kids:

  1. Take a color drawing and hold it up so that they must move their eyes, not their head, to look up at it.
  2. Tell them to "take a picture of it" and give them time to look at the drawing. This is not a race, give them the time they need. With true visual learners, this won't take long.
  3. When they are done "taking a picture" take the picture down, tell them to look at a blank wall and then describe the picture to you. You may need to "prime the pump" by asking them questions instead of asking them to describe it to you.
  4. True visual learners will have it a picture of it in their brain so you can ask them any question about it and they will be able to answer because they are literally looking at that picture in their brain.

This is why visual learners can easily spell words forward AND backward with no hesitation.

This is the sample drawing of a visual multiplication flashcard I used to test my kids, but you can use anything. I just wanted you to get an idea of what I'm talking about:

how can right brainers learn multiplication?

Teaching multiplication for right brain learners need four elements to help them learn:

  • Color
  • Picture
  • Humor
  • Weird

If you use these elements, you will see your right brain child learn things more quickly and not only that, these elements help them to move things into their long-term memory.

Remember, your child is a visual learner. So imagine what they go through with traditional flashcards. Here is an example:

Now remember, as a visual learner, your child is taking a "picture" of this flashcard in their mind. So what do they learn?

  • 6x5=NOTHING!

What you need to do with flashcards is write in the answer in a nice bold color like this:

Now they can take a picture of:


An Even Better Way

I think an even better way teach multiplication for right brain kids is through picture flashcards. Here is an example that we made:

Each flashcard has a story with it. Here's the story for this flashcard: 

The two six-year-old clowns were looking for a place to practice their circus routine. They couldn’t find a quiet place anywhere! There were just too many people around. Spotting a grassy field, they hopped over a fence and discovered that there was no one in the field. Perfect! Suddenly, the ground began to shake. They turned around and found out that they had jumped into a field of thirty-six charging bulls!

a daily system

Once you figure out what works for you and your child, you need to have a system for learning all the facts. Do the following:

Day 1 

  • Depending on the age of the child give anywhere from 3 to 5 new facts to learn each week.
  • Multiplication for right brain visual-style flashcards are available for purchase, however, I recommend making them yourself because as your child creates the flashcard, they will be learning the fact. They will acutally learn much more quickly if they make their own flashcards.
  • On the first day, review each card talking about the picture and the story
  • Hold each card up so they have to move their eyes up to look at the picture. Have them "take a picture" of each card.
  • Have your child write out the fact on each card

Day 2

  • Review each card using the same technique of "taking a picture" and writing out the fact on each card

Day 3

  • Ask your child on the facts. But remember, this is not a test or quiz, the child should know that they can always go back a review anything they are not remember. However, I doubt if it is going to be a problem because by now they will probably have no problem remember the facts.

Days 4 & 5

  • Reveiw any facts they are having problems with using the same system as days 1-3.

For more multiplication for right brain fun and ideas, visit our multiplication table page by clicking here.

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