Multiplication Table

This is a multiplication table to learn facts from 1 to 12. For helpful tips see below.

how to use a multiplication table

  1. Choose a number from the top row. I've chosen 6.
  2. What would you like to multiply 6 by? Let's say 7.
  3. Put your finger on the 6 at the top and move in a straight line to where the 7 is on the left.
  4. Your answer is 42, get it? Easy isn't it?

I have a multiplication table, now what do I do?

Memorize it! Parents, make sure your child has this memorized. You will come back to the information in this table again and again not only just in math class but throughout your entire life. We all need to know how to multiply quickly.

multiplication table tips

1. Guess what? You only need to memorize half of this table.

Look carefully at this table. Notice that 1/2 of it is exactly like the other 1/2. It's really a mirror image.

What does this mean?

Well, it means you only have to memorize 1/2 of it. Because:

2x8 is the same as 8x2

It doesn't matter which number comes first in multiplication.

2. A Bit at A time

Don't put the table in front of your child and expect them to go at it. First of all, it will be overwhelming and second of all, you have to make it fun.

Just have them memorize a section at a time, like this:

  • Section A Memorize up to the 5s
  • Section B After the 5s are memorized, memorize up to the 9s
  • Section C Is the same as section B, yippee! So that's part's already memorized
  • Section D Memorize this last

Notice I only have up to 10 on this table. I did this to make it easier to learn the table and so it doesn't look so overwhelming.

Learning the 11s is easy. For 1-10 x 11, you just put the numbers together like this:

  • 1x11=11
  • 2x11=22
  • 3x11=33
  • 4x11=44
  • 5x11=55
  • 6x11=66
  • 7x11=77
  • 8x11=88
  • 9x11=99

Then you use the 10s rule and just add a 0 to the right.

  • 10x11=110

Then you just have to memorize:

  • 11x11=121
  • 11x12=132

Memorize the 12s next and you are all set, you've memorize the table up to 12. is very easy to teach and memorize.

If you would like printable tables, I have them available for download:

Click here for black and white printable version.

Click here for color printable version.

Click here for blank printable version.

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