Note Taking Symbols

Using symbols n nt tkng is gr8t way 2 save time!!
When u are in a lecture and trying 2 take notes u will save urself a lot of frustration if u use symbols and abbr.

Here are some examples:
"&" 4 "and"
"¶" 4 "paragraph"
"~" 4 "about, approximately, more or less, around"
"b/c" 4 "because"

Take Better Notes 
Because using symbols and abbr helps u save time, u will be able 2 take more effective notes, which in turn, will enable u 2 take the info being presented and get it in2 ur notes. Having as much info as possible in ur notes will help u study more thoroughly + that will help u get better grades.

Of course, u should also make sure that they make sense 2 u and if they don't then use things that do make sense 2 u. 4 example, I like using symbols and abbr but many people use pictures. I have a friend who probably hasn't written the word "phone" in 10 years, he only uses a small drawing of a phone because he can draw it so fast.

I'm not so great at drawing, so that's not an option 4 me!! But if it works 4 u go 4 it.

U can make up ne style of note taking that u want. As long as u are getting the info in a way that helps u review effectively, there is no right or wrong way. The symbols and abbr I have included below, may not necessarily work 4 u + that is o.k. Feel free 2 take creative license here.

Feel Free 2 Use the Following 
The following are abbr + symbols u can use. I've also included an example 4 each 2 give u ideas on how u can use each element. I've tried 2 use abbreviations and symbols throughout this page so that u can see how u can have different samples of how 2 use symbols and abbr. In this way I hope 2 give u more ideas on how u can implement this method.


@    at
-      minus
=     equals, is the same as, results in
≠    not equal

~     about, around
>     greater than
<     less than
↑      increase, rise
↑↑    rapid increase, rise, growth
↓      decrease, fall
↓↓    rapid decrease
→    causes, produces, leads to
ü     yes, correct
üü  definite, absolute, sure
#      number, pound
*       important
x       wrong
xx      not proven definitely incorrect
?       unsure, not proven
/       per
∴      therefore
∵      because
b/c    because
w/o   without
i.e.     that is
vs      versus
b4     before
v.       very
vv.     extremely
C       century
k        thousand
m       million
b/t     between

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