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Note Taking

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Let's admit it, taking notes in class or while reading is not typically a preferred activity! The thing is, it has to be done. If you follow the tips given in this site, you will become more effective and organized which will make note taking less of a chore. Who knows, you may even start to enjoy it!

Some problems a lot of people have with traditional methods of note taking, ie. outlining, are:

  • Inability to keep up with the speaker
  • Not able to understand everything in the notes when reviewing
  • Notes are too messy
  • They do not have a good system for note taking and reviewing notes
  • Keeping notes was always a source of frustration for me, especially the review process. You know how when you are in the class listening and everything makes sense? The you review your notes and NOTHING makes sense? Well my school years were mostly spent in that state of frustration.

    Does this ever happen to you? Please say yes to make me feel better, ha ha!! But I am guessing that since you are here and reading this page that you have experienced at least some of the above problems.

    Because I always disliked outlining and notes so much, it was hard for me to find a way to motivate my kids when it became apparent they also pretty much hated it as well.

    Thus began my quest for a fun way to do this...if there was such a thing!

    Note Taking CAN Be Interesting!

    What I began to discover amazed me. I could not believe that there was so much information on the Internet about taking notes.

    I also discovered that there are multiple ways of taking notes so that no matter what type of learner you are, there will be a system for you.

    If traditional methods have not been successful for you then my first piece of advice is don't get held down by what you were taught in school if you were taught anything at all about how to take notes), unless, of course, whatever you were taught worked for you...then you should stick to it.

    Here are a couple of blank samples of different techniques. The first one is a sample page that you would use for Cornell Notes. This is a great method that is very effective and helps tremendously with reviewing.

    note taking cornell notes

    The second sample can be used in a variety of different ways, but is great for stories. Drawings are placed in the blank blocks on the left and explanations are dictated on the right. This is a great way to reinforce reading comprehension and to make sure inferences are being made and developed.

    note taking scene notes

    You Have The Power

    What you need to understand is that you have the power to customize your notes to fit your learning style.

    You can choose what system works for you and/or your child. Some methods of note taking are:

  • Cornell Notes
  • Outlining
  • Charting
  • Mind Mapping
  • Scene Notes
  • Cluster Notes
  • These are just a few and because there are so many options available, you will be absolutely sure to find a way that can work for you or your child.

    I want to take a moment here to encourage you that not only can you find a way to make note taking successful, you will also be able to make it interesting and relevant.

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