Right Brain Left Brain

If you are anything like me you have, I am sure you have heard something about the right brain left brain.

Of course, everyone has, right?

You may have heard of right brain left brain info, but do you know what each side is responsible for and why this is important? I sure did not, but I do now! Read on to find out if you are a right brainer or a left brainer.

are you a righty or a lefty?

Check it out, here are some common characteristics of each. Which are you?

Left Brain People

  • Like structure
  • Easily learn math facts
  • Analytical
  • Auditory learner
  • Likes details or step-by-step instruction
  • Likes textbooks and workbooks
  • Can learn with black and white

Right Brain People

  • Spontaneous
  • Imaginative

  • Intuitive
  • Visual leaner
  • Understands the whole picture and concept easily
  • More of a hands on learner
  • Needs color and pictures to learn

O.k., I am definitely a left brainer, but do have some right brain characteristics. How about you?

To read more about why right brain left brain info became important to my family and me click here. This would be a really good thing for you to read if you have a child who is struggling in school.

right brain left brain, why is this important?

Do you struggle to remember?

Do you have a child who is struggling in school?

Are you looking for ways to help yourself or someone else find an easier way to learn things?

If so, then learning about the right brain and how rightys (is that a word? I don't know, but it is now!) learn will help you.

You see, right brainers learn in a way that is totally different from left brainers. Rightys are very, very, very visual. Did I say VISUAL?

Left brain learners are those who learn in a very sequential way, step-by-step. They don't usually visualize things in their heads and can memorize written information much easier than right brain people.

If you are looking for ways to turn learning struggles into learning victories for yourself, your child, or someone else, then establishing which right brain left brain characteristics the child has should be high on your list of "things to do!"

Once right brain left brain characteristics are established you can find way to make learning successful, no matter what the subject. to read if you have a child who is struggling in school.

hey! why are you only concerned with right brainers?

Well, I'm not ONLY concerned about right brainers, even though it may seem like it. However, because schools are naturally set up for left brain kids, they don't usually have a problem learning the material.

It's the rightys that usually struggle and here is why.

Textbooks. Yes, those yucky, bulky textbooks.

You see for left brain people, text books are no problem because they can learn in black and white. They can easily take notes on the information, study and voila! They get straight A grades.

Right brain people have a difficult time learning from textbooks because they need color, imagination and emotion to help them learn. These elements are what help them learn and remember things.

Something interesting to note here is that typically, right brainers have a better long-term memory. Once the information is learned and processed, it basically never leaves them.

do you feel your bright child is missing something?

As my oldest daughter went through school, I noticed that she was struggling to retain the information she was learning.

I never did understand this because she can memorize hundreds of lines for a theater production, but she just could not do the same thing for her school subjects. You see, I just wasn't aware of the right brain left brain thing.

Something was not working right, I felt like something was missing, but did not know what it was and did not know how to go about finding out what was wrong.
You see, whenever I searched for help from other people, specifically teachers, they would just tell me she was fine. Personally I think she got by on her great smile!

When the same thing started happening with my younger daughter I told myself "No way is this happening again!"

I Got Motivated!
As with most things in my life, my family is what really motivates me to do research and gather information about things that will help them. That could be anything from nutrition to study skills to good books. If it has to do with my family, I will go to any length to get the information that I need. You are probably like that too.

So what does my motivation have to do with this right brain stuff? Well, I will tell you.

We have homeschooled for several years. I've always noticed, especially with math that both my daughters have a hard time with it, but in different ways.

My oldest daughter had a hard time with concepts, but she could do the computation.

My youngest daughter can conceptualize anything, but the computations are still tough for her.

So, as you can see I had a mixed bag :-)

A few months ago I met with an educational consultant and described the issues my youngest daughter was having with math and some other small problems.

Much to my dismay, she said, "Your daughter is a right brain learner, that means she has to have visual aids to learn anything."

O.K., why didn't I think of this before? I should have known this, right?? But I don't, or I should say didn't know anything about this right brain left brain stuff.

Think, Think, Think
Take a moment and think here.

When your kids were little and everything was bright, colorful, visual and imaginative, did you find them learning by leaps and bounds? I did. And then without realizing it, as they got older all that colorful imaginative stuff can be pushed away in favor of those bulky textbooks.

Once I thought about it, I realized that is when my youngest started to slow down in her learning.

If you put that together with right brainers being visual learners, it makes sense that their learning slows down once the majority of school starts to come from textbooks.

the journey begins

Once the specialist explained to me how my daughter could learn the best, I was totally and completely motivated to help her in anyway I could.

And this is how our right brain left brain journey began.

I've talked with several people in the last few months whose children are struggling learners. Once I start talking about right brain left brain characteristics a light always comes on in their eyes. I've had at least two moms come up to me in the last few weeks and tell me that since they've started implementing right brain learning techniques, they have seen a marked difference in their child's ability to learn.

There are many articles on this website that will help you, your kids and even people you know with study skills. So jump in and take a look around, I'm happy you are here. 

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