Study Skills Activities

Studying can seem boring, and tough. There are many study skills activities you can do when you're studying to help you remember better. Some people don't do well with the typical reading, and studying the material. Different activities are great to remember the material but may require more planning, and enlisting a partner to play. If you have a friend in the class, you could help each other to learn and memorize the material.

If you are trying to remember something in a specific order, or a list of things that go with a certain word, try to create an acronym that you will remember. You know the one that was taught to us as kids on how to remember the colors of a rainbow? 
Roy G Biv
I still recite ROYGBIV when making sure I have all the colors accounted for. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Also do this when trying to remember other information.

Silly Sentences 
Create a sentence that you will remember. The sillier the sentence, the easier it may be to remember. For instance, to remember the musical notes in the proper sequence you may say "Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge". EGBDF is the right sequence. This is a great study skills activity that will help you to remember sequences.

Pictures are a Plus
Perhaps you need an activity to remember more about the civil war. Imagine the facts clearly and think about what they would have looked like back then. Picture the soldiers with their muskets, in line, getting ready to fight. Imagine the long walk they may have taken and if they stopped along the way. This will help you to learn critical thinking through study skills activities.

Chunk It 
Summarize what you've read. You may have a long boring chapter to read, and you want to remember what you've read, but it's tough when you're not interested in it. Make sure that you truly understand the chapter by breaking it up in sections and writing a summary about it. After you write your summary, re-read the selection again, and make sure that you did clearly understand the information.

Get a Partner
Test yourself or your partner through flashcards. If you have a partner to study with, both of you take time to write 10 questions each. Write questions on one side of the card, and then the answers on the other side of the card. Then test each other on all twenty questions. If you don't know a certain question, take time to figure out how you will memorize the information. Remember authors usually will bold or italicize important information, so concentrate more on those areas.

You Can Do It!!
These are just a few of the many study skills activities to help you with your studying. These are designed to help you memorize the information so that you can recall the facts. This will help you in developing study skills and become better at taking tests. With a little extra effort, you can start to raise your grades and become more efficient at studying

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Study Skills Activities
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