Test Taking.....HELP!!

This article will give you an overview of the importance of learning proper study skills to improve your test taking. For more specific test taking tips, click here or visit the links at the bottom of this article.

I do not know anyone who enjoys taking a test do you?

For the most part, I was always walking into tests feeling unprepared, no matter how many hours of studying I had put in, it just never seemed to sink in. This is why I'm always amazed when I meet someone who can walk into a test knowing more or less what grade they will get based on how much they studied. Ihave a close friend that has this ability. In other words, she can say, "I studied enough to get a B." I have NO IDEA how she can know that, but it always worked for her.

With my history of stressful test taking you can imagine how badly I felt for my daughter when she began struggling with test taking. She is a very bright, creative person so it puzzled me as to why she was struggling with tests.

O.K., so it's true confession time, I kind of let this slide for a few years, basically because I did not know what to do about. Actually, I kind of thought she was just being lazy and not studying enough. So that is why the only real course of action I pursued was to encourage her to hit the books more.

Well, it all came to a head after her first year of college. Her grades were not good, she was frustrated, we were all frustrated.

At this time, I knew something had to be done. As often happens when you begin researching in earnest, great tidbits of information started coming my way. Things that I had never heard of before or maybe had just never paid attention to before, started popping up.

study skills? Never heard of them

For example, who knew there was such a thing as a class called "Study Skills?" I mean I had NEVER been taught that, but seems it's a common class for college freshman.

I also found out that my daughter was told she did not have to take the study skills class in her freshman year at college because she had already taken college classes while in high school...grrrrrr!!! If I had known that class was offered, I would have definitely had her take it. But that's a different story altogether :-)

Then, the best thing happened, I found out that a good friend of the family actually teaches study skills at a local university. Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!

A phone call was made post haste! Of course she was happy to help. In fact, she had my daughter work off the lessons so I didn't even have to pay for them. Yeah!! And it's good to have to work for something.

one 45 minute lesson did the trick

Anyway, after just one 45 minute lesson, my daughter came away with enough information to give her confidence in her studies.

You are probably saying, how in the world can this be done in 45 minutes? I know I asked the same question.

It all comes down to review. Joanne taught my daughter how to take notes and then how to review her notes everyday.

This is a very simplistic answer, I know. But that really is it in a nutshell.

review, review, review!

This systematic, daily review does three things:
1. Moves information from short-term memory to long-term memory.
2. When you study for the test, it ends up being review because you have the information in your long-term memory.
3. Keeps you from procrastinating and then having to cram everything in the day before the test.

The test taking information on this website has one goal: To eliminate the stress of test taking by teaching you note taking and reviewing skills.

So, that's my goal. Dig in and don't forget to print out the information on this site and TAKE NOTES!!

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