Using Flash Cards

Does anyone else get a sinking pit in their stomach when they hear that dreaded word...FLASH CARDS...I mean, is there a worse way of memorizing something?

I think not.

So, if flash cards make me sweat why do I have an entire section of my website devoted to them? Well because I have learned how to make flash cards fun.

Now that it is clear to me how useful they can be, I want to share what I now know so that you can understand a better way to make and use flash cards.

We have always TRIED to use flash cards with our kids, but it NEVER, NEVER worked. Did I say NEVER? :-)

when traditional flash cards don't work

Recently I learned why they don't work. You see both my kids are right brain people. This means that they need color, fun, pictures and imagination to learn. It also means that they can "take a picture" in their mind of whatever it is they are looking at.

So, when they see the traditional flash card this is what happens in their minds:

5 + 7 =

Translation: 5 + 7 = NOTHING. Because there is nothing after the equals sign.

You can be using flash cards all day long like this and right brainers WILL NOT GET IT!!

What you need to do is this:

5 + 7 = 12

Write the answer in color. Let your child learn from the flash cards with the answers written in.

After they have learned, then you can quiz them orally or with a written test.

Again, the reason this works is because they are taking a picture of 5 + 7 = 12 instead of 5 + 7 =       .

what about subjects other than math?

When done the right way, flash cards can be a huge benefit in any subject.

here are some examples of how you can make vocabulary flash cards

here are some examples of how you can make spelling flash cards

For a detailed explanation on how to make effective spelling flash cards visit the spelling flash card page here.

I have many other helpful ideas for creating and using flash cards. So please jump in and look around. You will be sure to find ideas that you haven't thought of before and I am excited that you are here and looking for fresh ideas. 

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